Special qualifications and projects

Dipl.-Ing. Electrical engineering Harald Rüdiger

Management, expert and appraisal:

RAMS Manager Bahnstrom/E transmission line 16.7 Hz at the Gotthard Base Tunnel (GBT-longest tunnel in the world): Dipl.-Ing. Harald Rüdiger (2010-2016)

RAMS Manager Cenerie Base Tunnel Bahnstrom/Riding Line: Dipl.-Ing. Harald Rüdiger, graduate. Nico Döring (2015-2020)

Expert mandate 50Hz at the Gotthard Base Tunnel (GBT) and Ceneri Base Tunnel on behalf of Alp Transit Gotthard AG (ATG) BAV: Dipl.-Ing. Kurt Sebastian, graduate. Harald Rüdiger (2009-2020)

Reviewer of the Rail Infrastructure Services Company (SCHIG) in Austria: Gradually Harald Rüdiger (2013-present)

Experts in electrical engineering 50 Hz, Switzerland: Dipl.-Ing. Harald Rüdiger

Specialist planning examiner 50Hz at the Railway Agency in Bonn: Graduated. Harald Rüdiger

Knowledge manager EuroPoint research project of seven European railway companies and TU Dresden: Dipl.-Ing. Harald Rüdiger, graduate. Nico Döring (2015-present)

Chairman of the Board of Management of BTS Bahntechnik Saxony e.V.: Graduated Harald Rüdiger (2014-present)

DB Network Infrastructure RAMS, Tunnel Equipment, Security, BIM

ÖBB SAE Infrastructure Technical Consulting, RAMS, Bird Protection Investigations

SNCF Infrastructure Consulting Electrical Engineering, Riding Power