“Coming together is a start,
staying together is progress,
working together is a success.”

Henry Ford


           For trains in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

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Railway technology at the Gotthard Tunnel
Electricity rail installation in the Arlberg Tunnel
Electricity rail installation in the Arlberg Tunnel
GBT Building State
GBT measurements ride line
Machine technology equipment

  2017 – 2015
Construction Maintenance Concept for overlong tunnels

  2017 – 2019
Creation Rules of Electrical Engineering 50 Hz

Study on Electric Separations

  2016 – 2021
RAMS management at the Ceneri Base Tunnel for the railway
technology area superordinate and the flow 16.7 Hz (for CPC)

  2016 – 2018
Creation RAM Detection for Remote Technology Systems

  2016 – 2017
Creation of specifications Stuttgart 21 TSB (for DB network)

  2016 – 2017
Creation specifications Wendling-Ulm (for DB network)

  2016 – 2017
Co-development ultrasonic test device for transmission connections

  2016 – 2017
Creation Handbook “Doors and Gates for Railway Tunnel” (for ÖBB)

Implementation project “RAM Soft” (for DB network)

Preparation of maintenance concepts for tunnel equipment (for DB network)

Creation Manual Machine Systems and Participation RW (for ÖBB)

Creation RAMS proof for machine systems (for SBB)

Investigation Soft Heating System Hydrostar (for SBB)

  2014 – 2018
studies and studies on bird protection measures on overhead lines of the tracks

  2014 – 2017
Creation RAMS 50 Hz

Material test for TTG GBT

Creation of safety certificate for automatic grounding facilities at the Gotthard Base Tunnel (for TTG ARGE 16.7 Hz)

  2013 – 2014
Monitoring for LED TSB (tunnel safety lighting LED handrail) (for DB network)

Creation RAMS detection of soft heating (for ÖBB)

  2012 – 2013
Co-development system OLSIG-ÖBB
(overhead line signal monitoring facility for automatic backup), preparation of safety proof, admissions processing and support with TÜV Rheinland (for ÖBB)

2010 – 2016
RAMS management incl. Conservation and IH concepts am Gotthard Base Tunnel for the range of traffic flow 16.7 Hz and 50 Hz (for TTG)