Our activity profile
If we have the technology we need, we need the technology we have.

Research and development of new technologies

With experience and expertise, we take care of innovations in the technology and operation of transport systems.

We support the establishment of a digital infrastructure in the rail transport landscape.


Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, Safety-RAMS. The connection between these RAMS terms is now gaining increasing value in all industrial sectors, especially in the rail industry.

Technical RAMS management

For European railway companies

project management

DB rail equipment


Maintenance planning

Special qualifications and projects

Management, appraisal and expert affairs


Safety + Security

Human Factors / Design Thinking


Creation of specifications

With application and requirements features

Research and Development

In collaboration with:
-TU Dresden
-University of Zittau/Görlitz
-Fraunhofer Institute

Animal Guard

Animal welfare with Prof. Lücker (bird protection measures for overhead and overhead lines)

Our services / profile

  • Creation of requirements and their processes for railway equipment
  • RAMS management, CSM, proof of safety
  • Electrical engineering and machine-technology equipment
  • Create load and specifications
  • Validation of processes and regulations and guidelines
  • Support in the development of systems and components
  • Concepts and tools for maintenance and sustainability management
  • Development and support of testing and certification processes of systems and components as well as the creation of evidence
  • Promoting and implementing innovations in the technology and operation of transport systems